The Best Materials For Infant And Kids Clothing

As an online retailer of kids clothing wear, you have to ensure that your collections are not only fashionable, but also comfortable and safe enough for young skin. However, while shopping with the wholesalers, you might get bamboozled with too many ‘child friendly’ fabrics to choose from. Instead of puzzling yourself further, you might want to have a check at the fabric types that tend to have maximum patrons in the garment market.

Lawn Cotton

The absolutely light fabric, having very high thread count is perfect for infant clothes. The soft-to-touch and somewhat translucent fabric has a crisp touch. If you are adding cute gowns for your collection, then preferably look for lawn cotton dresses.


The almost sheer and gauze-like voile almost looks like lawn cotton. However, they are even thinner and crisp. The specialty lies in the fact that voile is quite free flowing in nature. The best quality frocks have voile for smocking and pleating.


The lightweight and smooth textured fabric gives an aesthetic rib effect on kids’ garments.  Broadcloth can either be 100% cotton or might have cotton blend. You can find finely embellished dresses, as well as small boys’ tops and pretty gowns made from broadcloth.

Handkerchief Linen

The almost sheer linen is slightly textured. Since it is linen, this fabric comes with its share of elegance. And they are so soft that young children would happily wear the round the clock. When shopping for formal kids clothing, think of stocking on some handkerchief linen dresses. Choose something for the girls, as well as the boys. You can also find some fine unisex wears, which are made from this fabric.


They might not be absolutely gorgeous to look at, but they are amazingly breathable in nature. The premier kids clothing wholesalers can offer you an array of swaddle clothes, diaper covers, burp clothes and the like.


The open weave cotton fabric is absolutely soft. However, it is not as translucent as lawn fabric or voile. However, it is very durable, which makes it perfect for infant dresses. Even mommies would like to have super comfortable night wares made from this fabric.


The winter clothes that you find in the average cloth market are likely to be either ridiculously expensive, or uncomfortably itchy.  Lightweight fleece is thus a fine choice for the young children in the winter. A fitting alternative to wool, fleece has superb moisture wicking properties. When compared to wool, this fabric is low in maintenance. You can simply wash it in your machine and dry. And they can last quite long!

Microfiber fabric

For the modern mother looking for a non-allergenic fabric for her bundle of joy, this is a keeper. It is a perfect option for children having super sensitive skin and is very soft to touch.

Bamboo Rayon

When your customers wish to go green even with the kids wear that they buy, this ultra soft rayon is the go-to the cellulose extracted from bamboo plants. Another choice for children with sensitive skin, bamboo rayon also has thermal regulating properties. This means that they can adjust the body temperature of the person wearing the fabric, thus preventing the body from getting overheated.