Red Roses For You … But Pay Attention To The Meaning!

A rose is not just a flower. It is a collection of traditions and legends. Symbol of romanticism par excellence, the Rose communicates passion and love. Still, it is undoubtedly the color that makes the difference.

When we give a rose, do we understand its meaning?

Each type of Rose evokes a different feeling or message in the language of flowers, and each color corresponds to a precise meaning.

Let’s find out what to give and how to avoid flowering gaffes!

“… Red Roses for you, I bought tonight,

and your heart knows, what I want from you!”

How many times have we heard it sing from our mothers and maybe yes, even from our grandmothers! Roses are perhaps the most beautiful flower and indeed the most sung. A flower has grown in an almost infinite range of shades and shades. Forever Roses give is the sign of great love and good relations.

A pale-colored rose can be just as beautiful as a darker one. However, in the language of flowers, it can express completely different feelings.

A Thousand Colors For A Thousand Shades

As we have seen, Roses include different varieties, with petals ranging from ethereal white to purple red, passing through numerous shades. Intense yellow, orange, peach, coral, infinite pinks, and equally infinite reds. List them all would be impossible. Let’s try to clarify them together.

Assuming that the Roses deserve a separate dictionary, it is vital to know the meaning that unites them all.

This flower, in its most profound meaning, is essentially the symbol of love. It is elegance and beauty together.

Over time, it has been the cultural trends and often the fashions of the moment that have given the Forever Roses different meanings, some not strictly positive.

Roses represent all those feelings to be gently revealed. Suppose the bud is still closed and hidden among the petals. In that case, it symbolizes innocence, while a rose blossomed in its vivid splendor represents feminine beauty at a young age.

Rose: A Sense For Every Color?

There is no better way to send a sincere message, and each Rose has a special meaning. It is essential not to make blunders.

Let’s see together some of the meanings that, over time, have been attributed to the Rose.

The White Rose indicates candor but also silence and innocence. A feeling of pure love that goes beyond the senses.

Pink Roses deserve a separate chapter. In the fascinating language of flowers, pink roses indicate spirituality and sentiment, but with different shades depending on the shade. A pale pink shows admiration and respect – perfect for a great friendship. Dark pink roses represent tenderness and gratitude and express happiness. On the other hand, if our Rose tends towards a peach color, it reveals the existence of a hidden or hidden feeling, and that timidly tries to express itself in a more explicit request.

In addition to its phytotherapeutic qualities, Rosa Canina symbolizes delicacy and pleasure and suffering and pain.

The Red Rose: she is the Rose par excellence. The red Rose is true love. Depending on the type of red, however, very different emotions are expressed. Purple-red roses represent the promise of a solemn and eternal love. If we decide to give fire red roses, we must keep in mind that they express a tremendous loving passion. With carmine roses, we must use more caution as they reveal a physical and profoundly carnal love.

The Yellow Rose indicates jealousy and infidelity, and fear, even if this meaning is slowly being lost. In oriental culture, for example, the yellow Rose symbolizes freedom. It symbolizes joy and is associated with the Sun, which illuminates and guarantees life on Earth.

Another very particular Rose is the Viola one. Purple roses indicate love at first sight, love at first sight. A dear, however, projected towards a true and eternal feeling, to be sealed later, perhaps with a beautiful bouquet of purple-red roses!

We are also addicted to colors which in nature are difficult to find if not impossible.

The Blue Rose, for example, represents mystery and wisdom. Still, it does not exist in nature and is obtained through an artificial coloring of the petals. Let’s be very careful, though: giving a blue Rose is for real daredevils! According to some, the blue Rose can also symbolize infidelity and sometimes indifference.

Like the blue one, we have always seen the Black Rose, artificially colored and considered almost a legend and instead… Instead, it exists!