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Needle Piercing Or Gun Piercing – Which Is Right For You?

You have spent a lot of time selecting your piercing jewellery online and you have gathered as much information as possible about aftercare routine but still unable to come to a conclusion on the dilemma whether to go for gun piercing or needle piercing. Does this sound like you? If yes, do not worry, you are not alone. Just about everyone who is thinking of going for body piercing go through this dilemma. What is important here is to decide which method is right for you instead of trying to enter a debate on which is the right way to pierce. In order to make a well-informed decision let us explore the pros and cons of both methods.

Piercing gun comes with a disposable cartridge and it is considered to be hygienic. No part of the piercing gun touches your body other than the cartridge. The piercing gun itself is a reusable device. The piercing needle on the other hand comes in both disposable and reusable forms. In case of reusable piercing needle, it has to be sterilized well or else it could lead to infections.

In terms of the accuracy of the piercing, needle piercing is considered to be more accurate. The piercer can pierce with a very high degree precision when compared to the piercing gun. Regardless of the part that needs to be pierced, piercing needles work equally well for all types of piercings. This is not the case with the piercing guns, it does not work equally well for all types of piercings. Piercing guns work well only for ear lobe piercings.

Those who have gone through both types of piercings, indicate that needle piercing is less painful. Piercing gun uses high pressure to pierce whereas the piercing needle depends on the sharp tip with a hole in the middle. This removes the skin and a certain portion of the tissues in the pierced area. Inserting the body jewellery is easy as the obstructing tissues are already removed by the needle.

In case you are thinking of going for needle piercing then you need to double check on the experience of the piercer and he or she should be a professional. As piercing guns require very little training you will find most of the piercing studios using the piercing gun as opposed to piercing needle. In terms of healing too, needle piercings tend to heal faster with lesser swelling. Therefore, it is not only less painful to use piercing needle, but it is also faster to heal.

Having noted all these factors, we should know that many people daily go for gun piercings without issues or challenges. In case you do not find a studio that offers needle piercing service, you do not have to postpone your procedure. You might as well get it done through a piercing studio that uses a piercing gun. Just ensure that it is a licensed studio with good reputation.