5 facts that will convince you to choose organic hair care

Are you still using regular drugstore shampoo? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this and if no, these facts about regular versus organic hair care can still surprise you. So here are 5 quick facts why you should immediately switch to organic hair care products.

1. Free from harsh chemicals

Regular hair care products are filled with harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and other toxic ingredients, these synthetic chemicals cause irritation to your scalp and skin, strip natural moisture, and damage hair without giving any further benefits to hair. Dangerous chemicals in organic products are substituted by natural, nutritious elements that are as effective as regular drugstore hair care products and are way more gentle and safer to use.

2. Rich ingredients

Organic hair care products are rich in natural vitamins, essential oils, proteins, fruit extracts that provide benefits to your hair and overall, wellbeing. Organic ingredients in hair care products gently care for the scalp, healthy hair growth, and protection from any negative environmental forces.

3. No product buildup

Synthetic chemicals while harshly cleansing off oils of your scalp at the same time coat the hair strands in a product residue. Over time, this will cause product buildup and weakened more oily hair. Organic ingredients cleanse the scalp gently without leaving any elements to linger on hair strands and only removing unnecessary oils without stripping away natural moisture.

4. Better value

Regular shampoos and conditioners tend to be watered down and you run out of them faster, organic products have many active ingredients and those are highly concentrated that is why you will use less of it every time and it will last longer. That is also way better for an environment.

5. Better for environment

Speaking of an environment… Organic hair care producers are more conscious about an environmental footprint. These companies tend to ensure that all used ingredients are fairly sourced, are vegan, cruelty-free and packaging is biodegradable or can even be reused. Also, products do not include toxic chemicals, so product residue would not spread dangerous elements in landfills.

Hopefully these facts were enough to show you the power of organic hair care. It is a smart move to switch onto environmentally safe products that will provide you with beauty and wellness benefits at the same time. Stay safe, healthy and promote natural beauty.